Transitional Living Program

This program is designed for men and women who have progressed well through our Intensive Residential Program and are ready for a little more independence, with continued recovery assistance and development of personal skills

Program Description

The emphasis of the Transitional Living program is continued recovery from substance use disorder and development of personal skills and resources required to maintain a sober and more independent lifestyle. Family members and significant others are encouraged to participate in treatment, educational, and support activities as an integral part of the client’s treatment plan.

Clients work with a primary counselor and other services are provided by the agency’s multi-disciplinary staff. Additional medical, psychological,  and/or psychiatric treatment services, and vocational or educational services are provided as indicated, by referral to appropriate providers in the community. The professional staff of Samaritans maintains contact with all service providers utilized while the individual is in treatment to assure continuity and appropriateness of care.

Responsibilities Matter

Clients in the TL program receive job-readiness counseling and assistance in seeking and maintaining full-time   employment. All clients are expected to secure and maintain full-time employment or participate in approved vocational activities as soon as possible upon entry into the program.

Treatment modalities and activities also include participation in individual and group counseling, attending AA/NA support group meetings.

Counselors work with clients on an individual basis to develop budgeting and personal planning skills, and to set realistic discharge goals.

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“When I arrived at Samaritan Recovery Community, I wasn’t sure what I wanted out of life. I just knew I didn’t want to be in pain anymore.

Samaritan introduced me to a new way of life that was based in love and compassion instead of pain. I was introduced to the 12-step recovery programs which is the basis for my continuing recovery.

The counseling I received was stellar and through it I was able to build a solid support network by attending outside meetings and going through the Transitional Living program which provided the accountability and structure that I needed to create a strong foundation in my recovery.

The counseling I received in Transitional Living solidified my recovery by constantly encouraging and challenging me to change my attitudes, ideas and behaviors.

I can’t put into words how grateful I am for my experience at Samaritan. They taught me the tools that I needed and helped me begin the process of saving my own life.”

- James U.