Intensive Residential Program

The Intensive Residential program is a highly structured residential treatment program for men and women experiencing significant dysfunction in their lives as a result of chemical dependency or co-occurring disorders. 

Program Description

The IR program is a highly structured treatment program for men and women experiencing significant dysfunction in their lives because of having a substance use disorder.

The typical person who attends the Intensive Residential program is in his or her late twenties to mid-thirties with a substance use disorder.

Other significant problem areas often include family crisis or discord, poor work performance or termination of employment, marginal independent living skills, health problems, poor coping skills, and low self-esteem.


Program Treatment Methods

The comprehensive treatment approach of the program is designed to address the individual’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Professional services are provided by a multi-disciplinary staff.

Treatment modalities and activities in the IR program include a physical history and examination, psycho- social assessment and individual treatment planning, individual and group counseling and health and nutritional counseling. The Anonymous philosophy and approach to chemically dependent adults and their families is an integral part of Samaritan’s treatment programs.

Clients attend Anonymous meetings both at the agency and in the community and Step workshops are conducted at the Center by agency staff and invited speakers.

Clients in the IR program also participate in A&D educational lectures/seminars lifestyle management classes, leisure-time activities, and other program activities addressing individual treatment issues.

Program Philosophy

Alcohol and drug use disorders are a single, separate disease characterized by a definitive set of symptoms.  They are not simply a symptom of some other disease.  If untreated, their progression and ultimate outcomes are predictable. 

They are chronic, but treatable disease that negatively affect the sufferer in every major life area, i.e., emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially, vocationally and educationally. 

Substance use disorders as a singular disease are often mis-diagnosed and mistreated. All efforts towards education, prevention and treatment of this disease and related issues deserves separate, massive and skilled attention from our society.

Our Treatment Team

The Intensive Residential program’s comprehensive treatment approach is designed to address the individual’s physical, emotional, and psychological needs.

The treatment team includes:

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“When I came to Samaritan I was a broken woman, living in darkness and chaos. My life was unmanageable. I had finally realized that I was powerless over my addiction and I needed help.

As soon as I started intensive residential treatment I became willing to turn everything around. I started following the rules, established a routine. I worked on Steps and did whatever my counselor asked of me. I wanted to get better and turn my life around and Samaritan gave me the tools to start a foundation to obtain a new way of life.

Two weeks in intensive residential I knew I couldn’t go back to where I was living, I had to keep moving forward. I got a sponsor and started working the step and became a member of society, again, but this time I was being honest, reliable, accountable, and responsible.

Fifteen months later I have the same job and have moved up in the company. I live by myself for the first time ever in an apartment in a recovery community surrounded by people like me living a life of freedom from the disease of addiction one day at a time.

I am truly thankful to Samaritan for my life in recovery.”

- Tracy B.