Intensive Outpatient Program

The Intensive Outpatient Program is designed for clients who are at minimal risk for withdrawal, do not have biomedical conditions/complications that would distract them from treatment, and may require monitoring for emotional/behavioral conditions.

Program Description

Those who enter the Intensive Outpatient program may have a limited awareness of the impact that their substance use disorder has had on their lives.

Some clients in IOP may have had treatment in the past and who have high relapse potential without close monitoring and structure. These clients may or may not have a mental health disorder. The people who attend IOP have a safe recovery environment and are often times employed.

Program Teachings

The Intensive Outpatient program meets three evenings a week for three hours for approximately 24 sessions. Individualized treatment plans and aftercare plans are developed with the counselor. 

Topics that are addressed include but are not limited to; relapse prevention, co-occurring disorders, anger management, relationship, independent living skills, education regarding the physical, emotional and spiritual impact of addiction on a persons life.

Service Options

Samaritan Recovery Community offers several outpatient services, including the following:

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