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At Samaritan Recovery Community, we offer several programs that cater to different needs. We encourage you to read through each program to see how we can be of help to you.

Different struggles. Different stages.

But we're all in this together

We realize that one size does not fit all. That’s why we’ve developed custom programs to address the needs of individuals with different levels of needed assistance, life circumstances, and more.

Click on the programs below for more information on each one. 

Our Programs

Alumni Programs

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association is open to all people who complete treatment at Samaritan. They provided social support for the members, who in turn, can inspire hope to people who are currently enrolled in treatment programs at Samaritan.

The Alumni meet once a month to socialize, support, and encourage one another, and to plan activities for those currently in treatment at Samaritan.

Activities include hosting frequent events such as, gratitude meetings, ice cream socials, cookouts, picnics, pizza night, movies, bowling and hosting the annual Burnt Bridges Banquet.

The Alumni Association meets the second Saturday of each month on the Samaritan campus. To get involved, call 615-244- 4802.

Burnt Bridges Banquet

Samaritans’ annual Burnt Bridges Alumni Celebration honors those who have gone through any of Samaritan’s programs over the years and who continue in their recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

Each year, alumni from across the country, some with over thirty-five years of sobriety, gather at this event to celebrate recovery and renew old acquaintances. In a moving ceremony after dinner and a speaker, the alumni form a circle around a small bridge which represents their link to a past life of addiction.

And while the Burnt Bridges poem is read, each participant touches the bridge with their candle and watches it burn. This ceremony touches not only those participating, but also their family, friends and others who have come to the event to join in their celebration.

Burning Of The Bridge

Bridges are built for many purposes, and can symbolize many things.

Some bridges cross troubled waters, delivering the traveler to safe, friendly shores.

Others span the distances between people, connecting each with another’s life, joys, and frustrations.

Some lead in new directions, promising a brighter future on the horizon.

These bridges enrich our lives and we are grateful for them.

But the bridge we burn tonight symbolizes a connection with our past.

A past without the warmth of love, without joy in the morning, without peace in the night.

A past full of dependency, despair, and feelings of hopelessness.

A past we have left behind, but will never forget.

We burn this bridge with serenity and with peace of mind.

We burn this bridge knowing that our bitter yesterdays are over and our tomorrows are full of hope, and love, and freedom.

Tonight we stand humble and grateful to be with the healthy, and to be living full lives.

Our hearts and souls rejoice, and we are thankful.

For tonight, we are free, we are well, we are whole again.

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