Taking that first step isn’t always easy, but we want to make your experience simple and stress-free. Our 3-step admissions process is below.

This is where it all begins

Start our admissions process

Samaritan Recovery Community is ready to help you begin the process of healing and recovery. Our admissions process is easy and designed to get you or your loved one the help they need with as little stress as possible.

Samaritan’s Admissions Office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for screening appointments and program admissions. However, staff members are available 24 hours a day to handle inquiries about admissions and program services.

It's time. Let's get started.

Fill out our prescreen application

Our screening application is designed to gather information about your situation, and help us determine the best program for your needs. Please also download the Release of Information Form to send to us as well.

If you prefer calling us directly

We understand that not everyone prefers to get started online, so we can also get started over the phone. The process is outlined below.

Call us at 615-244-4802

You’ll get a live person on the phone who is ready to help and answer your questions.

Brief telephone screening

While you are on the phone, we’ll conduct an easy screening process to determine basic eligibility.

In-Person Appointment

An appointment is made for a face to face assessment with the Admission’s Counselor.

Affordable Cost

Samaritan Recovery Community is among the most affordably priced high quality behavioral health treatment providers in the country. Samaritan is accredited by CARF International and offers affordably priced evidenced-based treatment services for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders in well-maintained, attractively furnished facilities.

All services are provided by credentialed and licensed clinicians that include Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Medical Director, Licensed Professional Counselor, Mental Health Specialty Provider, and Psychiatric Nurse Practioner, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors, Licensed Psychological Examiner, Psychologist and medical staff.

See our payment options below.

  • Private Self-Pay Options

    Because of public and private donations that help 
    supplement treatment costs, Samaritan is able to offer to those in need  the reduced self-pay options below.

    Intensive Residential Program
    Self-pay clients are eligible to participate in Samaritan’s twenty-eight day Intensive Residential Treatment Program at a special all-inclusive rate of $6,000. This is a traditional twenty-eight day highly-structured treatment program consisting of daily group therapy sessions, substance abuse and co-occurring educational classes and activities, recreational activities, supervised participation in support group meetings each evening, and other daily treatment-related activities. The program is staffed twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week.

    Intensive Outpatient Program
    Self-pay clients are also eligible to participate in Samaritan’s Intensive Outpatient Program at a special rate of $50.00 per session (three group sessions per week).

    Transitional Living Program
    Self-pay clients may also qualify to participate in the Transitional Living Treatment Program (Licensed Halfway House) at a special all-inclusive rate of $7,200 for ninety days (includes room, board, and treatment services by credentialed and licensed staff). Located on Samaritan’s main campus, the program is staffed twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week.

  • Insurance and Government Funding

    Insurance Payment
    Many commercial plans including exchange plans are accepted. Please call to verify that your insurance can be used for our facility. All TennCare insurance plans are accepted.

    Government Funding
    Persons without insurance or other means of payment who meet federal poverty guidelines may qualify for federal block grant or other grant funding. Each person’s financial situation is assessed on an individual basis to determine if they qualify for this funding and there is typically a waiting list for these subsidized treatment services.

Need more information?

We have a lot more information about Samaritan Recovery Community throughout the site. We encourage you to look around and learn more about what we offer, our staff, and more.

“For 28 years I struggled with my drug and alcohol addiction. For years I didn’t think that I would ever stop using. I knew I was tired but I just didn’t know how to stop.

I heard about Samaritan from a friend that said how good of a treatment program it was and how the staff was commited to making sure that we understand what this disease is that we are dealing with. So in March of 2016 I came to Samaritan and started in their intensive residential program.

This was an intensive program where for 29 days you are taught about alcohol and drug disease. From day one when I came into Samaritan I had doubt of ever being able to stay clean. But I was determined to do whatever it took to come out of the dark of my life that I had been living in for so many years.

I think what opened my eyes up the most was the passion that the staff had with each individual client, how they showed each of us that they care and were willing to go to any length to get us away from the doubt that we had in ourselves. The staff opened my mind up to a lot of the issues that I have encountered over the years that has caused me to react and turn to my addiction.

The Samaritan program has given me hope I didn’t have. And I am grateful.”