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Welcome to our webpage!  Samaritan Recovery Community is one of the oldest and most respected behavioral health treatment facilities in the Southeast.  Founded in 1964, “Samaritans” has provided addiction and co-occurring disorders treatment to thousands of Tennesseans for the past fifty years.
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Outcomes – Success Rates

Samaritan Recovery Community participates in a third-party outcome
evaluation project conducted by the University of Memphis, Institute for
Substance Abuse Research and Evaluation (I-SARE).

The I-SARE project provides a post-treatment follow-up evaluation process
for all substance abuse services for which the TDMHDD, Division of
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services contracts. Its purpose is to provide
outcome data as part of the Division’s performance-based evaluation system
which supports planning and funding. Samaritan and all other state-funded
treatment facilities participate on an ongoing basis in the I-SARE project to
assist in maximizing program effectiveness and ensure that outcome results
are monitored on a regular basis.

The most recent annual I-SARE report includes follow-up data collected
from thirty-five mental health centers and substance abuse treatment facilities
from across the state. As shown below, the report reflects that Samaritan’s
programs surpass the statewide averages on every key performance
indicator at six months after discharge:

Statewide Outcomes (Green Bar) - Samaritan Outcomes (Blue Bar)

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