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Welcome to our webpage!  Samaritan Recovery Community is one of the oldest and most respected behavioral health treatment facilities in the Southeast.  Founded in 1964, “Samaritans” has provided addiction and co-occurring disorders treatment to thousands of Tennesseans for the past fifty years.
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Co-Occurring Treatment Program

The Co-occurring Program is a structured residential program targeted to serve men and women who have a substance abuse disorder with a co-occurring mental disorder, and are having difficulty managing both disorders simultaneously while in the community.

The emphasis of the program is to treat individuals who are dually diagnosed using an integrated approach. This approach allows the client to become aware of why they choose certain harmful substances and how these substances may interact with their mental illness. Likewise, they also learn and understand that certain prescribed medications are acceptable and useful in achieving a successful recovery. This program is a past recipient of the Center for Nonprofit Management's Frist Award and Tennessee Department of Mental Health's Hampton/Perry Award.


Mental disorders and substance abuse disorders are disorders with distinct and specific symptoms, but which also share many common elements; biological and genetic components, treatability, relapse/regression potential, denial, and associated shame and guilt.

The illnesses are primary regardless of origins or on-going interaction, necessitating independent and simultaneous treatment.

Both illnesses can be considered to have similar phases of treatment and recovery, including acute stabilization, maintenance/prolonged stabilization and relapse prevention skills training.

The recovery processes although similar and greatly influenced by each other, proceed independently, with progress dependent upon client motivation to treat each illness.

Treatment Team

The program is staffed with highly qualified professionals dedicated to providing excellence in all aspects of care. The treatment team includes a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Psychological Examiner, Licensed Substance Abuse Counselors, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, and Nurse.

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